Ground Zero Firearms Training

$125.00 4 hours

  • Introduction to the Georgia law as it pertains to the use of force. Practical explanations as to when a person is justified in threating or using force in self defense, including the Stand Your Ground Laws in Georgia.

  • Introduction to the Georgia Weapons Carry License, including how to obtain a Carry License and what are the state laws pertaining to the license.

  • A basic introduction to firearms to include the different types of firearms, how they work and the different types of ammo.

  • Discussion on what should be considered when choosing a firearm to purchase for self-defense.

  • Basic introduction to firearm safety including the safe handling of a firearm, safe storage considerations in a home or in a vehicle and safety protocols at a shooting range.

  • Introduction to the tactical use of a firearm for self-defense. This will include the proper grip when using a firearm, the proper stance and the basic techniques of sighting and firing a firearm. This section will include points to consider when deciding where to store or carry a firearm.

  • Practical explanation of the importance of verbal commands when confronted with a threat. What should you say and what should you avoid saying if you are placed in a threating situation.

  • Training conducted on our Virtual simulator which allows us to put you in real life situations and instruct you on how to react in those situations


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