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IVB incorporates our system to accommodate everyday individuals or groups that want to get the gaming and weapons experience in an atmosphere that allows a good time with weapons in a safe environment. We can assure you an experience unlike no other in our industry. We can promise you that the experience we provide will be an addictive one.


IVB provides place for the ultimate date night!! We have smaller intimate rooms available for you and your date to have an unforgettable experience in our virtual Simulator for 1 on 1 weapons virtual experience. Come out and experience different types of weapons while learning in an entertaining atmosphere. Why not be different and plan a date to remember for a long time.


IVB also provides a premier facility for group night fun in our simulator. We have rooms available for groups of up to 12 of your friends to get together and have a great time in your own private room. We provide a place for friends together and be competitive while also having a great experience. We can guarantee you an addictive experience in a group setting that all will enjoy and want to return time and time again.

Shooting Basics

We understand that many have never shot a weapon before, we want to provide the opportunity and environment to learn  where there is no hesitation about the fear of weapons and live ammunition. We can guarantee that you will learn without fear. We promise that anyone from Novice to expert can improve all shooting capabilities at Insight Virtual Ballistics.

Customized Training

Insight Virtual Ballistics offer training unlike no other we are equipped with proprietary simulators that allows us to train using technology in the beginning stages which in turns saves clients’ money on ammunition that can be awfully expensive. With our system we offer unlimited laser ammunition. We train personnel no matter what the level of experience with handguns.

Insight Virtual Ballistics boasts qualified instructors from a variety of backgrounds from Military, Law enforcement, and Experience private individuals. Insight Virtual Ballistics Instructors comes with a vast knowledge of weapons training and experience which assures the level of training received with be in accordance with industry standards for fundamentals advance weapons techniques.
We conduct all our training in our onsite facility equipped with several private rooms with simulators that can assist with an abundance of training programs that cannot be duplicated on a live fire range. Our training will assure that when all clients finally reach the live fire portion of training, they will be well ahead of any other training facility courses.
Skill levels of all type use the system we have in place. We specialize in training individuals that have never handled a weapon up to competitive shooters that want to improve their abilities.

Minimum of 5 per class
  • Please call to schedule a class:
  • Basic Gun Safety / Personal Protection
  • Basic Pistol Course / Defensive Pistol Course
  • Simulator Training
  • Basic CCW

we are powerful

A safer yet fun experience while learning something new is the best option among a variety of options. Insight Virtual Ballistics offers value, quality training, educational experiences, and fun gaming sessions along with certified instructors.