Q. How many people can you accommodate in a bay?
A. Our bays comfortably accommodate up to 12 people and our private suites up to 20.

Q. Can you book the entire facility for a private event?
A. Yes, please call directly and speak to one of our event coordinators.

Q. How safe are the weapons?
A. Our weapons are laser-activated weapons that interface with the simulation you will be shooting on. We offer an alternative to live ammunition shooting ranges. Each suite and bay experience is carefully coordinated by one of our “Weapons Concierges.”

Q. Do you offer any self-defense or weapons training?
A. Yes, click on our training tab to explore our many 

Q. What’s the pricing on a private event suite?
A. Call today and speak to one of our event coordinators, who will walk you through all the pricing options.

Q. What type of food do you serve?
A. Our food menu comes from the fabulous Nick’s Westside restaurant. Delicious bites that will satisfy all your needs. 

Q. Do you accept Cash?
A. We only accept card transactions. 

Q. Are there usually long waits to get a bay or a suite?
A. We encourage our guests to book online and reserve a time that fits their schedule.  We do allow walk-ins. However, there might be a short wait for bays between scheduled bookings. 

Q. What type of weapons do you use?
A. We use Glock handguns and AR-15 rifles, all retrofitted for use only with a laser.  The weapons do not fire actual ammunition.